As well as coming to my office, you have the option of online counselling while we are in Level 1. 

Covid-19 has meant that counsellors had to change the way we provided our services. I can now provide online services via zoom or skype for those clients who are unable to attend face-to-face sessions. You will need a secure internet connection and a smart phone or computer/ laptop. We will work this out together.

How I work

I am passionate about helping others to improve well-being and resilience. I will work holistically with you from a strengths-based perspective, at a pace that feels right for you and together we will find solutions that are right for you. I am committed to developing a therapeutic relationship that is based on trust, honesty and sensitivity to your needs. I bring 27 years of counselling experience and supporting people to change and move from surviving to thriving.

I offer the following therapies which will be tailored to your goals and needs:

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

This therapy aims to help you to live a more meaningful life by learning to accept what you cannot control, while committing to take the actions that will improve your life and moods. Mindfulness is an important tool for ACT.

Brain-based Interventions

Informed by research on neuroplasticity (the brain is malleable), interventions aim to "rewire" the brain to enhance mental well-being. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

This therapy focuses on identifying and changing unhelpful automatic negative thought patterns that contribute to and exacerbate emotional difficulties, depression, and anxiety. A wide range of strategies are used to overcome these thoughts. Trauma-Focused CBT is used for treating PTSD.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is a very structured therapy that encourages you to briefly focus on the trauma memory while at the same time engaging in bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements), with the purpose of reducing the intensity of emotion associated with the trauma. It is used for treating PTSD.

Good Way Model

A model developed in NZ by Lesley Ayland and Bill West for working with clients with learning problems and intellectual disability who need support to change challenging behaviours. It uses both a strength-based and narrative approach to support clients to make choices that will take them the “Good Way”.


The focus is on paying attention to thoughts, feelings and sensations in the present moment. Awareness itself reduces the grip of persistent and unhelpful automatic thought patterns and storylines.

Narrative Therapy

This therapy helps you to view yourself as separate from your problems. It emphasises developing and relying on your own skills to minimise problems.


An integrative approach to therapy that considers the knowledge from neuroscience research regarding the dynamic interplay between the mind, body, social interaction, and the environment on a person’s well-being.

Polyvagal Therapy

Is based on the science of safety and is an important part of any trauma therapy. It focuses on regulating the nervous system and shaping it for safety.

Solution Focused Therapy

A future-orientated, goal directed approach to solving life’s problems that draws on innate abilities and strengths


If spirituality is important to you, I will support you to bring this aspect into your healing journey. Everyone’s experience of God or spirituality is unique, and this can be an amazing resource in therapy. I will never impose my beliefs on you and will only work with spirituality if that is what you want.

ACC Counselling Services

Free, confidential counselling services for historical or recent sexual abuse in New Zealand. Counselling can either be short term or long term, depending on your needs. I will work at your pace, to support you with achieving the recovery goals that you want to achieve for your own healing. Support can also be provided to your family and whanau, if you wish, so that they can support you with your healing. I am registered under ACC to provide assessment and treatment services. My Supplier for ACC services is Fostering Futures. 


I provide supervision for counsellors and others in the helping profession, to reflect on practice, ethical issues, professional development, and your own well-being. I am a trained supervisor: I have a Certificate in Supervision (Human Services) from Wellington Institute of Technology and more recently I updated my supervision  training by attending Dr Fiona Howard's course "Enhancing Competence in Supervision: Essential Elements of Effective Practice"

Other Counselling Services

Clients can self-refer for other counselling. I can help you with recovery from abuse and trauma, anxiety, alcohol and drug issues, depression, panic attacks, grief and loss, life transitions and changes, parenting, self-esteem, spiritual issues, stress, workplace issues, behavioural and emotional issues.

My Qualifications

Certificate in Counselling- 3 year qualification attained in 1993

Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

27 years experience working as a counsellor in various mental health contexts

Where I Work From

Level 1, Winslow House, 217 High Street, Lower Hutt, which is opposite the Westpac Bank. There is plenty of parking at the riverbank carpark nearby.

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My Hours

Currently I see clients on 2 days: Monday and Friday 10 am to 6 pm. I do all my administration and report writing on a Wednesday so feel free to contact me on a Wednesday.

I am also available to discuss new referrals on Tuesday or Thursday in between running mindfulness courses.

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend your appointment for any reason, I require 24 hrs notice of cancellation. A $46 fee will be charged for late cancellation. For clients who are receiving ACC funded counselling, ACC pay for the first 4 missed sessions in a year, so you will not be charged for these. However, if you continue to cancel at the last minute or miss sessions after this you will be charged a $46 fee for late cancellation.

Please cancel by texting me on 027-677-8783 or emailing me at  


ACC counselling (50 mins generally) free

Supervision (60 mins) $120  Payment on invoice

Other Counselling (60 mins) $120  Payment on the day by cash or prior to your appointment by internet banking